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This club/society is for the purpose of writing and editing a student-run LYIT publication in the form of a newspaper or magazine. 

students who decide to participate in this society will help organize and form the new student publication. 

The magazine/newspaper is anticipated to be published monthly(this may be subject to change based on member feedback).

As this is a new society there is no current format for the layout of an LYIT publication. members of the newspaper/magazine society will create a layout. 

Topics covered in the publication will be dictated by the members of the society. 

topics to be explored in early meetings will be

  1. introductions of members
  2. interests, hobbies, and affiliations 
  3. brainstorms
  4. publication layout, timeline, and resources
  5. deciding roles of members in the publication and writing preferences
  6. first publication
  7. organizing social event

open dialogue is encouraged, and respect for all members is essential. 

Current Committee 1
Chairperson (name hidden)

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