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Blockchain: the most promising technology since the creation of the internet

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About Blockchain Society

The LYIT Blockchain Association is not limited to computer science students, we encourage any interested student from all departments to join.

Blockchain is a disruptive technology that encompasses much more than the popular cryptocurrencies and decentralised finance (De-Fi) applications we have all heard about.

Blockchain Technology is utilised in numerous industries from Automotive, Healthcare, Banking, Law, Retail, Telecommunications, Insurance, Supply Chain, Quality Assurance, Art, Government, Artificial Intelligence, Voting, Internet of Things, and much more.   Whether you have had little to no exposure to the technology, or  you have been involved with Blockchain for years - at LYIT's Blockchain Association there is a place for you.

The LYIT Blockchain Association will be distributing a digital newsletter to all members, including:

  • Virtual & On-Campus Events/Competitions
  • Information Sessions
  • Research & Development Presentations including Guest Speakers
  • Tutorials on App Development (D'Apps) focusing on Python, Solidity, and Java (Beginner to Advanced)
  • Guidance & Support on Blockchain Innovations
  • Assistance with Student Development & Business Use-Case for Personal & Team Projects

This is a great opportunity for everyone at LYIT to gain invaluable knowledge, networking, and experience with this revolutionary and disruptive technology - Blockchain.

Current Committee 3
President Thomas Mayfield
Secretary Malachy Mc Innes
Treasurer Jason Mc Elchar

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