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Afro Caribbean Society African Caribbean Society
Agricultural Science Society LYIT Ag Soc
Animation Society Animation Society 2021
Astronomy Society A society truly out of this world !
Blockchain Society NEW Blockchain: the most promising technology since the creation of the internet
Chess Society Chess Society
Dance Society North west's best!
Debate Society Arguably The Best.
DJ Society Dropping The Bass
Ethical Hacking Society Ethical hacking
Fashion Photographic Society ..........
Film & Creative Thinking Society NEW Film peeps
FLAC Society Free Legal Advice
Indian Students Society Happiness begins when connected and united.
International Society Equally Different
Japanese Language & Culture Society NIHONGO-BU
Korean Language Society Let's learn Korean together!
Law Society The One And Only Law Society
LGBT+ Society We are for everyone!
Literature Society To Write a Story is to be Entrapped by its Tale
Malaysian Students Society Feel the Cultural Diversity with LMSS !
Music Society Music society ??
Newspaper & Magazine Student news
Par-Tea Society Join the Par-Tea
Politics Society Discourse regarding politics
Postgraduate Research Society Postgraduate Research Society
Robotics Society Robotics, filling the gap of disability with creative and techie minds.
Rock Climbing “Getting to the summit is optional, getting down is mandatory.” – Ed Viesturs

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